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Family & ParentingSuccess,


5 Reviews


Together we will work out where your current challenges are and using proven techniques support you to move forward in a positive way. Recognising that something needs to change is a great achievement and the first step towards creating the family you want. We offer Parenting Workshops across Surrey, in schools and can even offer support in your home.
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Mette and the team at Parenting Success

5 Reviews

member since 30.10.2015

Jo Ferrone


Parenting Success was an absolute godsend to us - we are busy juggling business and family and we wanted to do our very best for our children. The workshop was absolutely lovely - relaxed with drinks and homemade cakes and we were made to feel so welcome! As for the content; we came away with so many fabulous ideas that we started putting into practise as soon as the children were back from school that day!! It was empowering for us and for our children too and we look forward to another workshop soon! Mette and her team are simply WONDERFUL and we are grateful to have attended such valuable sessions!

Nadine Schioldan


I really enjoy the parenting sharing times, I couldn't recommend them enough. I have attended several workshops, chats, meetings and drop-in sessions and always come away feeling I've learned something new, shared something others recognise and hold extra tools and knowledge to help with next steps. It doesn't matter the main topic or even if you've been before, you are sure to come away with at least a snippet of information you didn't have before, mainly there's always a feeling of 'yes, I can do this' once you've spent time with Mette and that's priceless!

Catherine Maloney


I have been to several of the parenting workshops and have found the advice very practical and informative. I didnt feel like a 'failing' parent and found it very reassuring that others on the course were, like me, looking for supportive direction. Our weekday morning before school drop off has become easier, with the introduction of the 'lollipop stick' reminders (you will have to go in the course!) my two boys are becoming independent learners and I am not a slave to the school timetable - yes, of course it doesn't always go that way, however I am a lot more confident with the techniques I have learnt on the workshops than before. I also love the fact that our feedback is taken seriously. A few mums were keen for our husbands to attend a workshop and a 'Dads' evening in a pub was organised to cover areas which are more specific to father. My husband found it really interesting and he now has more patience after a long hard working day. I would highly recommend Family and Parenting worshops to every parent.

Sonia Machado Stansfield


I have been to a ParentingSuccess workshop and found it very useful for our family. It was a very relaxed session, with other parents facing similar issues. It has provided us with some practical tips and ideas on how to communicate more effectively with our children. I would highly recommend these sessions to any parent who feels like they need that extra bit of help.

Linda Hopkins


I've attended a number of the Parenting Success workshops in the last year and found them extremely helpful. Workshops focus on different areas of parenting and run as stand alone sessions so you can dip in and out, picking subjects you need help with. I am aiming to do all the sessions over a period of time as they are very cost effective. I love the format of the workshops; they are really supportive and allow for lots of interaction with the facilitators and other parents and they're also fun! Parenting can sometimes feel REALLY hard and it's lovely to take time time to look at what you are doing well and check in with other parents in a non judgemental environment. Each time I came away with lots of practical advice that I could use right away with my son and have seen positive results. Workbooks for each session are provided to take away as well. A great investment of time for Mums and Dads alike and do also look out for the free monthly parenting pop up sessions recently launched around Surrey.