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The Nest,


4 Reviews


I am a fully qualified, highly skilled infant feeding professional, hypnobirthing teacher and birth Doula with a number of years experience working with families with in both the NHS and private sectors.

I offer kind, gentle, unhurried support and information in both the antenatal and postnatal periods and this can be provided in the comfort of your own home.

Getting the right support early on can make a huge difference to your experience of birthing and feeding your baby or babies but conflicting advice is sadly something many new parents have to contend with. I will only ever share evidence based information with you to help you navigate your way through this new chapter.

I continue to keep up to date with study and research related to birth, lactation and family support and pay particular attention to my own continued professional development. I am fully qualified and fully insured.

4 Reviews

member since 03.08.2015

Felicity Manavi


I never imagined that breastfeeding would mean so much to me and I didn't realise how heartbroken I would be when I thought I couldn't do it anymore. Lexi was our shining light and guided us out of a very dark and upsetting chapter of our journey. She diagnosed a suspected tongue tie, referred us, organised the snip, then supported us through the transition afterwards. Now 7 months old, I would describe our daughter as a "boobaholic" she can't get enough! I managed to exclusively breastfeed until she was 6 months and then we started on solids. This would not have been possible without Lexi's guidance, understanding, knowledge and support. The more I read about breastfeeding, the more I realise what a vital role it plays in the development of our immune systems - our daughter was very poorly when she arrived and I am so grateful that I am able to give her immunity a boost as well as all the other wonderful stuff breastfeeding enables. Thank you Lexi - I don't have words to express how I feel, but if I'm ever brave enough to have a second, you will be the first person I call xxx

Louise Croney


Lexi picked up our baby's tongue tie really quickly which I understand from the 'tongue tie' clinicians was a very hard one to spot and they too were very impressed. I'd like to say a huge thank you to Lexi for her friendliness and professionalism. I wouldn't still be breastfeeding 10 months later without her support!

Shona Freeman


I have never written such a personal review but felt I had to for Lexi. She was incredible, and at the verge of deciding to quit breast feeding she was a breath of fresh air. Within hours of talking to her on the phone she was sat on my sofa. She immediately made me feel at ease, with her comforting smile and not a hint of a judgement she sat me down and asked me lots of questions about what was happening. She talked to me more like an old friend, not intimidating at all and really reassuring. If you are struggling with breast feeding then the last thing you want to feel is that you are doing something wrong. In my case she really quickly suggested that our son sounded like he had a tongue tie, she examined him and showed us that he did in fact have one. Her expert knowledge and practical advice meant that before she left that night I was able to manoeuvre myself and baby into a better position to feed and alleviate the terrible pain I was experiencing from the impaired latch. Lexi referred us that very night to a private clinic and within 72 hours my son was latching better. Prior to the correction I had very sore cracked bleeding nipples due to the tie/latch. Unfortunately I then contracted breast thrush, which Lexi again was able to diagnose and advise straight away. I hasten to add that other health professionals I had seen had not been able to see either issue and were less than sympathetic or helpful. Without her I would have without doubt given up. This was something I really didn’t want to do yet having had a really difficult time with my first child. Her practical help and compassion coupled with expertise has been invaluable to me and my little family and I will always be very grateful. Whats more I am very reassured that she is still there should I need her help, her dedication and care is yet again shown by regular text messages to check in on us. For many of us breast feeding is certainly not the easy motherly act often portrayed, so if you are at a point where you can’t see through the tears anymore please call Lexi, you won’t regret it.

Hannah Kate Martin


Cannot recommend Lexi highly enough. Having completed NCT classes and as a nurse myself I was pretty confident and unphased about feeding my child. I had watched my sister do it all pretty easily and had no concerns. Until my daughter was was so hard. First latching issues (not helped by numerous 'experts' telling me to do it this way or that, do this don't do that etc etc- resulting in tears pretty much every check up) then weight loss at her weekly check up (meaning hospital visits then daily health visitors) then tongue tie, then mastitis, then finally thrush. Throughout this time, not a single health professional showed me any of the care or compassion we are all taught throughout out training. I was pushed and pushed to give my daughter formula- I surprised myself how adamant I was against this decision. But my daughter was happy, content, fed well and was not losing weight. So what was the point? No one could answer this. They just all continued with the same point that I must give formula as she was not following the 92nd centile upon which she was born. Was this necessarily a bad thing?! Having completed a 24hr pumping challenging (expressing 3 hrly for 24 hrs) to prove I could produce enough milk for my daughter as requested by a consultant (which I add I produced more than enough) I was almost at breaking point. Thankfully at this point I met Lexi, who finally seemed to understand me, and not only sympathized but encouraged me to breastfeed, got me started on antibiotics, cut my daughters tongue tie and sat patiently with us teaching her how to latch properly. Not only that, she was always at the end of the phone to offer support and advice and met with me pre consultant appointment for further support to enable me to continue to carry on breastfeeding my daughter exclusively. It was not an easy ride for me and for the first three months most feeds were extremely uncomfortable. However it did get easier, and I managed to continue exactly as I wanted to, exclusively for the first 6 months of her life- as per health recommendations. I thank Lexi wholeheartedly for this, and genuinely feel without her support I would have been forced to quit. I will be forever in her debt!x