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The Difference Between Kids And Grown-ups

April 18, 2016 Read more

Sometimes I think children and adults are complete opposites. There are so many things kids love doing that parents absolutely detest. Also, the ultimate kid wish seems to be to “grow up” while I’m sure I’m not the only one who wished they could have stayed a kid for a bit longer. Here is a big difference between being an adult and being a kid, here are a few of them:


For kids – A child will avoid sleep at all costs. To them sleep is the enemy, the demon they can hold back with demands for a drink of water, another cuddle, The Gruffalo, another lullaby, the need to go potty, a kiss, a kiss for Blaze (the soft toy kitty), a kiss for Bright Eyes (the OTHER soft toy kitty)….Bed is the very last place they want to be and avoiding this awful place is number one on the Toddler’s priority list. Double starred!


For Adults Sleep is the number one GOAL for most parents. We desire nothing more than crawling under the covers to head for the land of nod as quickly as possible before the little buggers wake up again. The lie in has assumed mythical status in the world of parenthood (we think we may have recalled seeing one once but it was so long ago maybe they have now become extinct…..) It used to be a night under the covers meant a night of excitment and whipped cream in places. Now we know what excitement and whipped cream leads to, sleep seems the more sensible option.

The Pushchair

For Kids – Being in the pushchair is the last place any child wishes to be. The pushchair deprives them of the opportunity to run around screaming while grabbing everything in sight. They don’t want to be sitting down when there are toys to be grabbed, food to be spilt or displays to be ruined.

For Adults – The idea of sitting comfortably wrapped up warm while SOMEONE ELSE gets you from A to B is a fantastic idea for most adults. This is why we have invented chairlifts, escalators, moving walkways and taxi drivers. I especially love the idea of someone coming along with a sheet of plastic and covering me up when the rain starts. WHY didn’t I appreciate this at the time?!

The Washing Up

For Kids – A fun activity involving water and bubbles and the opportunity to get soaking wet from head to foot while splashing suds up the walls! The best time EVER.

For Adults – A necessary chore that has to be done but is hideously tedious. The only thing worse than the washing up is the laundry.

The Weekly Food Shop

For Kids – A trip to the magical wonder that is Tesco where you get to sit in the super exciting shopping trolley where you are in a perfect position to grab all the wonderful goodies from the shelves. Halfway round you can normally “persuade” your parents to give you sweeties by using your tried and tested “threatening a tantrum” method. At the checkout you can reach across to the trolley behind you in the line and take a huge bite from the end of their French Stick. This can result in lots of noise and excitement.

For Adults – “Urrghh, we’re out of bread/milk/wine, looks like it’s time for the weekly shop. Hmmm, two for one on multipacks of Walkers, is that a better deal than buying two six packs of crisps? shopping-cart-1080838_640

Let’s work it out. How much are the frozen pizzas? That’s daylight robbery! Damn, I forgot the milk and that aisle is right back at the beginning. Oh no, Baby is getting restless, lucky we’re in the confectionary aisle. Ohhh, there’s no queue for the self service tills, maybe I can just whiz through….THERE’S NOTHING IN THE FUCKING BAGGING AREA YOU STUPID MACHINE!!!!”

In The Night Garden

For Kids – A twenty minute show full of wonder and delight with hit songs such as “yes my name is Iggle Piggle” and “Upsy Daisy here I come”. Watching Makka Pakka wash people’s faces is the greatest entertainment in the world. Plus the Ninky Nonk makes funny sounds and drives up trees! Wow!

For Adults – A terrifying acid trip featuring annoyingly catchy songs and a very loose concept of perspective. Why is the Ninky Nonk tiny one second and the next can hold all the characters? What is with that weird flying farting booby? Is Makka Pakka’s name a way to get my kid to swear when she’s learning her words (“Makka Fucka!”) Is Mr. Pontipine running an illegal sweathouse and why is he so passive aggressive with his neighbours (“The Pontipines have invited the Wottingers on a picnic but they have gone without them!”)



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When I Have Kids I Will Never....

April 18, 2016 Read more

Everyone in the world is a perfect parent. Until they have kids. Then all of a sudden they realise they really know squat and every stupid inane comment that was once said to friends with kids will come back to bite them on the arse. I know I was guilty of this. I’m not sure if that’s irony or karma, if I’m honest.

I remember saying a few of these during my non-child days. Now I look back on them and cringe.

My Kids Will Never Watch TV

Everyone knows the dangers of the “idiot box”. Too much screen time can cause childhood obesity, short attention spans, ADHD, ADD, ABC (I made that one up), 123 (and that one) etc, etc. However, no one mentions the ADVANTAGES of the “idiot box”. No one points out that screen time can let Mummy do a bit of housework, allow Mummy to make the dinner, save Mummy’s sanity or let Mummy piss without an audience and/or commentary on what is occuring (“that was a big one, Mummy! Well done for getting it in the potty!” This is normally said in a loud voice while in a public toilet).

In my life BC (Before Children), I swore my kids would have educational activities planned for each day and creative crafts all ready to go. Well, turns out you can learn a lot from Mr. Tumble and Mr. Maker covers the art stuff so the way I see it,



i have technically lied….

My kids will eat what they are fed

Ha ha ha ha! Yeah, good luck with this one! My Toddler is extremely unadventurous about new foods. If she’s never had it before it’s “yucky”, if she doesn’t recognise it it’s “yucky”, if she loved it last week then this week it’s “yucky”. I have ended up telling her certain foods are 1) Special Elsa Frozen food/Elsa’s favourite meal ever 2) Food that will make her bigger/taller/stronger/smarter/magical 3) chocolate.

I have actually tried told my daughter carrots were “orange chocolate”, mashed potato was “trifle” and mint chocolate chip ice cream was “broccoli and asparagus flavour” (okay, that last one was so I could eat it without sharing.)

I will never be late for anything

BC, I was well known for being early for everything. I’m not talking a couple of minutes early either. I’m talking half an hour at least. I once worked and lived in the same building. My job was down one flight of stairs. I was still sat at the clock in machine 15 minutes before I could clock in (which was still 15 minutes before the start of my shift). I actually remember thinking this wouldn’t change when I had children. If I knew it would take longer I would simply allow more time. I was such a deluded moron!

First of all, leaving the house takes an hour on it’s own!

First there’s: “where are your shoes? Why do you only have one shoe? You had them both just now! There, now your coat. No, your Frozen coat is in the wash, you’ll have to wear your other one. Now wait there while I put the Baby in her pram. All done. Why have you taken your coat off? No, you can’t wear your swimming goggles. Where are your shoes?!?”

Next comes the parent dance where you tap your right pocket (keys), tap your left pocket (wallet), hit your tush (phone), count the kids (one, two) do a dosy do around the hallway followed by a spin so you can maneuver the pram out the door and then do something resembling the moonwalk as you reverse to get the changing bag.

Then once you are FINALLY out the house you will have to go back due to a poonami situation, a potty accident or something important you have forgotten (possibly the Toddler).

Secondly no one in there right mind wants to be anywhere 30 minutes early if they have kids! That is 30 minutes (1800 seconds!) you have to keep them from running around, licking the floor, hitting their sister, begging for your phone, crying for your phone, screaming for your phone….Nope. A bit of lateness is actually a good thing. Trust me on this (and if something is that important, plan to leave the house the day before).

My house will never look like that

My house looks EXACTLY like “that”.

The front room looks like the stockroom of Argos with the giant play saucer, the walker, the swing, that huge cuddly toy that Uncle Peter thought was a good birthday present for a one year old (thank you so much, Uncle Peter!!!) and various mounds of plastic tat that become the most important toys in the world the second you try to donate them to charity. I can’t even tell you the colour of the carpet. Haven’t seen it for about three years. Same goes for one of the cats now I think about it.

The kitchen barely resembles a kitchen. The fridge is hidden under mounds of handprints, drawings and paper with dried pasta stuck to it. Every single drawer contains at least five plastic syringes for Calpol and six plastic measuring spoons for formula (that I held on to “just in case”.)

As for the bedroom, well, there’s a bed in there but there are also boxes of outgrown clothes, discarded toys, toys that “need batteries” (read that as “will never ever see the light of day again”) and laundry that has been washed but has yet to find it’s way into cupboards and drawers.

My kids won’t use technology until they are five

My two year old can find my phone, get onto You Tube, look up “In The Night Garden” and be fully immersed in the adventures of Iggle Piggle while I’m still in the living room looking for my phone! (Weirdly enough she then gets on to videos 20150903_114311

of kids opening surprise eggs. She’ll watch that for hours! What’s that about?!)

In an attempt to feel a little better about my toddler’s use of my tablet, I downloaded a few “educational” apps. This was a great idea in theory and she loved the one with photos of animals and a voice that said the animals name. Until I realised the app was American and then had to break my toddler’s habit of saying “dawg” every time she encountered a canine!


Yep, I was a much better parent before I actually became one and I apologise profusely to my friends with kids that I may have actually said these things to.

I get it now.



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10 Things I Have Learnt From My Toddler

April 18, 2016 Read more

I have often said that parenting is a huge learning experience. I have made a ton of mistakes in my three years as a Mummy but hopefully I have learnt something from each one (like never hold Baby over your head right after a feed or always take the changing bag even if your trip is only five minutes). However, there are a few things my Toddler has taught me that aren’t mentioned in any parenting manual. Here are some of them:

1. Pinecones are incredible things that must never ever stay at the park. They must come home with us because they are important in some way that is indecipherable to grown ups.

2. Sandwiches served on the pink plate taste the best. If they are on the blue plate you must cry, scream and push them around a bit before they are edible. If they are served on the green plate they are poison and should go straight on the floor.Jess2

3. Water is yucky and must never be drank unless it is bedtime. Then water is the discernible Toddler’s beverage of choice.

4. If the potty training toddler asks to go wee wee five times and never pees, don’t assume the sixth time will also be a false call.

5. The old toy that hasn’t been played with for months becomes the most important toy in existence if the Baby wants to play with it.

6. The kids are always listening. They may not appear to be but they are listening and assimilating information so they can regurgitate it at the most inopportune moment. For example I may have mentioned to my husband that my cousin has put on a bit of weight recently. Cue the Toddler saying “Mummy says you’re getting really fat.What are cankles?” to said cousin.

7. Mr. Tumble IS NOT creepy or disturbing and doesn’t give anyone else the heebie jeebies and is in fact the Toddler’s friend and she likes him more than Mummy, so there!


8. Cillit Bang is a legitimate gift idea for birthday parties and it is perfectly normal for a two and a half year old to request it because “bang dirt gone, Mummy!”

9. Anything can be blamed on either Daddy, Baby or the cat. The Toddler’s name scrawled across the wall in red crayon? The Baby did it.

10. Frozen is a modern classic and must be intensively studied at least three times a day. When “Let It Go” starts, the DVD MUST be paused until the Toddler can get her Frozen tutu, fairy wings and magic wand out.

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Beware The Facebook Mum!!!

April 18, 2016 Read more


I never realised how many different types of Mum’s there are out there in the world. I always thought a mother was kind of universal, that we all did it the same way. Boy, was I wrong! The truth is there are many types of Mum’s out there. most are just trying there best but a few are just trying. In particular beware THAT MUM on Facebook!

Now, most parent’s are amazing and have only one goal in mind and that is for their kids to be happy and healthy. It doesn’t matter if your way of doing this involves breastfeeding, bottle feeding, baby wearing, co-sleeping, dummies, cloth nappies, dolphins as babysitters, whatever….if you’re goal is for your kids to be happy and healthy then you are doing it right!

However, there are a few types of parents I have discovered in the last three years whose goal (more often than not) seems to be more about how I am doing it all wrong than what they themselves are doing.

Here is my list of Mum’s I really don’t want to be stuck next to on the bus or at the Doctor’s Office or anywhere else where I can’t escape!

The “Well In My Day” Mum

This is generally the older generation and they are just repeating the stuff they were told when they first became parents. Yes, 30 years ago Doctor’s were actually advising expectant Mum’s to drink Guinness and the Midwives were telling new parents to put Baby to sleep on their fronts. This was backed by the medical science of the day and people listened. However, once Baby was out of nappies they stopped listening. It wasn’t relevant to them any more and therefore they have missed 30 plus years of medical and pediatric innovation.

This won’t stop Granny, Auntie Caroline or the old woman on the bus from trotting out sage advice such as “give the Baby a little brandy to help his teeth” or “don’t pick her up if she’s crying. She’s doing it to annoy you!” (Both of which I have seen suggested to new Mum’s). If you combat this advice with new guidelines backed by the latest research you will get one of two responses.

1. Well, in my day…..


2. We did it with you and you turned out okay….

I love my Mum to pieces but during my first few weeks as a new parent, I heard “well in my day…” so often I started thinking of Uncle Albert and his “During the war….” stories! (To non-Brits this is a reference to an old British sitcom. You won’t get it. Just move on.) In the end I had to tell her how much this phrase was driving me mad and to be fair to her she stopped saying it. Now she does all her parenting with her eyebrows. If I do something she disapproves of, her eyebrows slowly inch up to her hairline. If it’s really bad they shoot up there like the Hounds of Hades are chasing them across her face. I’m actually beginning to think “in my day…” wasn’t so bad. I have even snapped “can you shut your eyebrows up please?”

The “My Kid Is Ready For MENSA” Mum

Every single Mum in the world is convinced their child is gifted. Obviously my girls are bright and funny and exceptional in every way. I imagine you feel the same about your own progeny. However, just because The Toddler happened to say “physics” on one occasion does not mean I’m applying for early entry to MIT.


There are Mum’s out there that are not only convinced their children are geniuses but want us to agree to it to. These are the parents who tell you their children can count to ten in fourteen languages, are already reading the works of Shakespeare and have just finished their thesis on an “anthropological study of The Clangers”.

Sigh. Yes, I’m sure your child is the next Stephen Hawking and is destined to do great things but right now all I can see is a precocious little brat that is pushing her hand into her nappy and using what she finds there as face paint?

The “Facebook” Mum

Have you had a look at any of the Facebook Mum groups out there? No? Well, have you ever seen one of those videos of sharks during a feeding frenzy or lions fighting over an antelope? Same thing but with more violence. I am lucky. I have found a couple of really great Facebook groups who’s members are mature and supportive (Young Mummas – you guys rock! As well as the February Baby Buddies and a couple of others) but some of the others are awful. Some poor frazzled Mum will post how she is at the end of her tether as the Baby is teething and has colic and the Toddler is being a total Threenager and among the supportive comments you will find THIS MUM. She will be the one that will post “well, if you couldn’t deal with two, why have them?” She will also be the mother that claims one trip to KFC is child abuse. On posts like “My one year old isn’t really talking yet” she will respond with faux supportive comments such as “mine only says Mum, Dad, Nan, Grandad, Antidisastablishmentarianism, Floccinaucinihilipilification and dog but nothing else yet.” On posts like “my baby isn’t crawling yet, should I be worried?” there will be the response of “Little Grace has been walking since she was three months. She started pulling up when she was two days old.” Beware the Facebook Mum!

The “You’re Doing It All Wrong” NON Mum

Oh, the perfect parents. These are the ones who know absolutely everything about raising kids from stopping tantrums to fussy eaters. They will smugly tell you how to do something from the very comfortable position of not actually having children. If challenged they will answer that they are qualified about childcare because A) They had younger siblings, a niece, a nephew, next door had children, they live three streets away from a nursery etc. B) They have studied it extensively at college (oh the 17 year old with a text book!) C) they have dogs (WTF?!) Yep, I once complained to a friend that The Toddler wasn’t sharing and he answered “oh, I know what that’s like. My dog will never let go of his ball so I can throw it again.”  I will happily listen to suggestions from non parents, I will gracefully accept their points of views but they do NOT get to tell me I’m doing it wrong because they have never actually done it right themselves. Grrr…

Do you know any of theses Mum’s? Are there any I have missed?



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Our Top Five Reasons To Tweet!

April 17, 2016 Read more

Here at Supermums we love Twitter just as much as we love Facebook, its fast, fun and an effective way to network and promote what your business. It is a very different platform to Facebook as for starters you are limited to 140 characters but for us that is the fun part! If you don't use Twitter, take a look at why you should:

1. There is no algorithm like there is with Facebook so your tweets are more likely to be seen but we recommend you tweet more often than you post on Facebook.

2. It is easier to engage with your followers and influencers as you can easily tag them by using the @ symbol.

3. You can include hashtags to follow and join in conversations, enabling you to follow the latest trends, news and developments relating to your business.

4. You set up a Twitter list to save time so you only see in your feed who you want to which makes it easy to see useful content which you can then comment on, like or retweet.

5. You can find, join and network with other local businesses using #Twitterhours and #Tweetchats.

Fnally, if you are on Twitter, we can follow and retweet you! If you want to use Twitter but don't know where to start just ask us!

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Did You Recieve A Push Present?

April 07, 2016 Read more

Well, this is a new one for me. I've never heard of women recieving 'push presents' from their husbands as a reward for giving birth. I'm four and a half years too late to claim a gift!. According to a recent article in the Daily Mail,  'push presents' are becoming increasing popular and the gifts are coming more and more lavish. Designer shoes, handbags and jewellery make it on the wish lists of expectant mums.

'The so-called 'push present', a lavish gift bought by a husband as a thank you to his wife for bearing his child, is becoming ever more popular'.


For Zoe Willows, 38, a designer handbag was the present she requested - and received - from her husband Guy, 35, a marketing executive, following the birth of their son Dylan, now three.


As is so often the case, the push present was born in the U.S. and has caught on here to such an extent that it is fast replacing the more traditional eternity ring as the gift of choice given to a new mother by her partner.


A recent survey revealed that 38 per cent of new mums receive a push present.


Parenting expert Sarah Redshaw says: 'Though many women believe a new baby is the only gift they need, increasing numbers of mums are definitely becoming more vocal about their desire for push presents.


'But we have also seen a real shift in the number of dads who want to acknowledge the sacrifices their partner has made during pregnancy and birth by marking the occasion with a special gift.'


Have you recieved a 'push present'?


Read more:

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Keeping Kids Fit And Healthy

April 04, 2016 Read more

We often hear a lot about children and development, their key milestones and reaching targets. We often consider the traditional elements of reading and writing and physical skills as topics. However, the two actually go hand-in-hand and we should consider combining these areas.

Integrating physical activity into young children’s daily lives is essential for creating a good foundation of activity that will inspire them to continue throughout the rest of their lives. The positive habits that children learn greatly increase the likelihood they will remain physically active in their later years.

There are many reasons that promoting structured physical activity in children will benefit them throughout childhood and their later years.

  • Associated benefits of physical activity – e.g. reduced health risks, stronger development.
  • Social Development – e.g. sharing, taking turns, listening.
  • Emotional Development – e.g. forming friendships.
  • Mental health and wellbeing – e.g. self-esteem and confidence.

Children are naturally active and will move, run, kick, throw, and play on their own in nearly any environment. However, children today are faced with a variety of challenges that reduce their natural ability for physical activity, including: Childcare, sedentary lifestyles, car seats, buggies, technology etc. 

Those children who do participate in physical activity are more likely to have:

  • Better social and motor skill development
  • Increased school readiness skills
  • Well developed muscles, bones, and joints
  • Reduced fat and lowering blood pressure
  • Reduced depression and anxiety
  • Increased learning capacity
  • Developed healthier social, cognitive, and emotional skills
  • Built strength, self-confidence, concentration, and co-ordination from an early age
  • Have fewer chronic health problems, are ill less frequently and miss less school
  • A significantly reduced risk for a number of childhood and adult diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression and mental illness. 

With all of the evidence pointing towards the benefits of movement, at Fit and Healthy Kids we have developed a series of sessions to get your tots moving, whilst integrating areas of the Early Years Development Programme. Each of the classes cover both fine and gross motor skill development with a Class Leader. With a changing theme each week the ability to adapt and change tasks, use their vivid imaginations and integrate elements of Early Years learning we feel this is a fantastic active way to allow your young children to develop.

In each session there are lots of opportunities to take part in team games and activities as well as time for free play and discovery. New ideas and traditional elements run side by side to create a fun and active environment. There is lots of kit to try out, obstacle courses, balance beams, parachute games as well as ball skills and hurdles. Listening to instructions, making friends, taking turns are all part of the session. As well as working on the physical attributes such as speed, balance and agility we will be colour matching, counting and using both fine and gross motor skills.

Classes available from walking up to 5 years.

Classes currently being held in Abingdon and Didcot.

Why not book a free taster session?

Keri Young


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Hard Work But Rewarding! Lennie Wright From Fairy & Pirate Tots Gives Us An Insight to Her Business

April 04, 2016 Read more


What's your background?

When I left school I trained with Toni and Guy working in a couple of south east salons as a colour specialist. Then I moved to educate with Loreal Professionel, supporting salons in London and the South East.


What's your business called?

Fairy and Pirate Tots


Please describe it in one sentence?

Creating magical keepsakes, whilst having interactive fun.


When did you start and what inspired you?

Started Jan 2015, and my main inspiration was my girls they are very creative and love fairies and pirates, I spend a lot of time making keepsakes with my girls and wanted to share that with others.


How did you fund your start up?

I used savings to fund my general set up and kit.


How do you manage working around your children?

My classes are fab to be able to work around my girls as I work around school pick ups and drop offs. We only work term time so I about in the holidays and I can even take my youngest to class with me. I include my girls in my business and they are heavily involved in crafts that we do and songs that we sing.


Please you describe a typical day, what tasks do you have to get done, how do you manage your time?

Most days I work on new keepsakes, learn new songs and answer emails. I run classes on 3 days and have a lady run 3 in Surrey.

My works well as I can get the girls involved. Most of my customers come from FB and they message me on there so it's easy to reply as and when I need to. Evenings are spent on marketing/website and scheduling posts, ordering stock etc.


What challenges have you faced in your business and how have you overcome them?

My biggest challenge has been getting bums on toadstools, as a new business it's getting out there and gaining trust from my future customers. For mums to invest on a full term from a Facebook page isn't the easiest tasks, but I have learnt to be patient, and learning to adapt, I used to be 10 weeks but now in 6 weeks which makes it easier for mums to commit.


What social media platform would you say you are most successful on and why?

Facebook is my most successful, most of my market are on there and they are generally around when I am nap times, bedtimes and early morning.


What do you like about being self employed?

I love being my own boss and choosing when I work . but I worry about regular income that can be worrying.


What do you dislike?

The worry about regular income.


What should someone just starting out focus on?

When you start a new business make sure you focus on your brand, marketing to right person and invest on Facebook boosts. Take your time to build your page and make it easy for people to see what you do.



What are your plans for the future?

My plans are to franchise that would be a MASSIVE DREAM. And grow a gorgeous team.


Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?

Explore the fairy & pirate world in these hour long sessions, which combine music, and keepsakes and lots more fairy/pirate antics. Building and working with the imaginations of your toddlers and enhancing your babies senses and creating keep sakes. Each term is 6 weeks long with an hourly session each week. Making magic come alive…. 

Facebook :

Website :



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Soft Play Centres In And Around Surrey

April 04, 2016 Read more


Henrys Play Cafe

60 Croydon Road, Caterham, Surrey, 

Tel: 01883 344577

Opening times: 9.30 - 5pm



Treasure Chest

Unit 1 The Faraday Centre, Faraday Rd, Crawley RH10 9PX
Tel: 01293 549009

Opening times: 10am – 5.30pm


Mini Mayhem

County mall, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 1FP
Tel: 01293 538377

Opening times: 9.30am - 5.30pm




The Colonades, 619 Purley Way, Croydon, CR0 4RQ

Tel: 0208 6860040

Opening times: 9am – 7pm



Manic Monsters

The Gardiner Business Park/Little Browns Lane, Edenbridge TN8 6LH
Tel: 01732 866115

Opening times: 10am – 6.30pm



Once Upon A Time 

The Ebbisham Centre, 7 The Derby Square, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 8AG

Tel: 07933 292464



Wacky Warehouse

60 Brighton Rd, Horley, Surrey RH6 7HE

Tel: 01293 820188

Opening times: 9.30am – 7pm




Donyngs Leisure Centre

Linkfield Lane, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 1DP

Tel: 01737 764 732

Opening times: 9am – 5pm



Little Lambs

St Nicolas Centre, 2nd Floor, Sutton. SM7 2PP  (by Debenhams & New Look)

Tel: 07584 353 693




The Post Office Club, Trenham Drive, Warlingham, Surrey, CR6 9RU. 

Tel: 07940 583 756



Advice: Always best to call first to avoid dissapointment.

If your looking for a pubs with play areas, check out 

18 Pubs In Surrey With Play Areas

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18 Pubs In Surrey With Play Areas

April 04, 2016 Read more


Have you exhausted most soft play centres?


The Surrey Mirror has published  18 Pubs in Surrey Which Have a Children's Play Areas.

Read more: 
Follow us: @surreymirror on Twitter | surreymirror on Facebook


Other recommendations :


 The Queens Head in Byfleet


Can you recommend any others? 

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