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Books and Apps for School Starters

August 10, 2016 Comments

Well, we’ve completed a whole year of Early Years (or Reception) and are now into the first school summer holidays. This summer we won’t be quite as stressed and worried as we were last year, as we all now know what to expect from school.

We’ve discovered some great books and apps that have really helped Little H with her reading, writing, and generally getting used to school.

If your child is going to be starting school in September you might want to check out some of these books and apps for school starters…


Starting School by Janet & Allan Ahlberg. This is a great book if your little one doesn’t know quite what to expect from school. The children get up to all sorts of fun things that will hopefully make your child excited about starting.

I Am Absolutely Too Small For School. We got this book from the local library and Little H didn’t want to take it back. In true Charlie & Lola style it’s cute and funny, and puts any fears of starting school to rest.

Topsy & Tim Start School Sticker Activity Book. We bought a few workbooks and this was a clear favourite. It has lots of stickers, activities to practice writing letters, and shows what happens in a school day.

Apps & Websites

Teach Your Monster To Read. This website is great, though we found it hard to use on our Android tablet so you may need to sit your child in front of a laptop. At the start of the game your child can create their own monster, choosing from a selection of heads, arms, legs etc. Once the monster’s ready you complete little games in return for pieces of your spaceship to get your monster back home. The games start with recognising letters and sounds, and gradually get harder. The game is free to sign up to.

Reading Eggs. This is very similar to Teach Your Monster To Read except that your child can carry on using it for more advanced reading as they get older. If you sign up you can access the app version for free – a subscription costs £40 per year, but they do also offer a free trial.

Mathseeds. This Maths game is from the same people as Reading Eggs and is aimed at 3-8 year olds. There are lots of activities which once completed allow your child to progress through the game. A year’s subscription is £30, and again they do a free trial.


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