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Are You Wasting Money On Marketing?

August 20, 2016 Comments

Here are 5 ways that you may be wasting money on marketing :


You're not capturing any feedback

If you don't measure and monitor you are putting in the work without any real clarity. Gauge people's feedback so that you know if they like your venue, product, service, video, Facebook post etc. Measure and monitor so you know what needs developing. Use surveys, questionnaires or just ask or
talk to people!

You're not keeping a log of what you spend

If you're not keeping a log or managing a budget, who keeps tabs on how much you're spending?

You are not attracting any new business or enquiries

Truth is, even if you're spending thousands of money on advertising, if nobody is responding to it, you may not be making best use of your budget. Review what may be the cause of this.

Your customer data is not being used

So you may be guessing all the time. Stop it! Access the data you have, connect with people who have expressed an interest to buy your products or service. Talk to previous and current customers. Use that data!

You're not using the right marketing channels

Perhaps you've just decided you will use social media and local papers as your tools to reach your target audience. Do you know if these channels are where your audience are? Research and work out where they may be, before you part with any money!

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