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Catherine Lippe Nutrition, 2 Corner Cottage, The Causeway, Claygate

KT10 0NH, 447970076229

16 Reviews


Catherine Lippe Nutrition specialises in paediatric and maternal nutrition to deliver you expert dietary advice for the whole family.

With expertise in;
- pregnancy and breastfeeding
- weaning
- healthy eating for childhood
- fussy eating
- weight management
Catherine and her team can help you achieve a balanced diet for the whole family.

Catherine is a Registered Nutritionist (RNutr) accredited by the Association for Nutrition (AfN), and founder of Catherine Lippe Nutrition. She has over 10 years’ experience as a Nutritionist and has worked within both the private and public sectors.

Catherine has a young family of her own and understands the pressures that come with being a busy parent but also the importance of providing children with nutritious food to give them the best possible start in life. Her passion for food, health and her family motivates her to provide clients with practical, evidence based nutrition advice which is simple to follow, understand and to stick to.

16 Reviews

member since 24.07.2014

Deborah Canavan


Really useful workshop, Catherine provided all the information for me to get started with weaning and what I found most useful is the information she then provided to me at the different stages of weaning. As a mum of twins my little girl took to it really easily but my little boy had problems with gagging, Catherine was there either by email or phone whenever I needed advice which gave me the confidence and reassurance to help me through what was easy for one twin but a bit more challenging for the other. Also love the menu ideas she provides!

Bolivia Leigh


Loved Catherine's workshop and fantastic follow up service. Prompt and detailed advice given to a variety of questions. Cannot recommend to talk and follow up service enough!

Katie Palmer


Catherine provided myself a colleague with training geared towards breast feeding mum's and toddlers. We really enjoyed the session and found it interesting and loved the interactive elements. Catherine was very friendly and easy to chat to, and I would highly recommend her services.

Nicki Stagg


I found Catherine's weaning workshop really helpful and gave me the confidence for when I wanted to start weaning. I also really appreciate the follow up support that Catherine provides.

Kerry Deeks


Catherine’s weaning workshop is a must for first time mums who don’t have a clue where to begin. Following a very relaxed and informative couple of hours I now feel confident and excited about getting started. Catherine was amazing and very happy to answers all of my questions!!

Lynsey Hope


I would thoroughly recommend Catherine's weaning workshop. It's an absolute must for new mums who don't know where to start when it comes to feeding their babies. I feel so much more confident about weaning after speaking I Catherine, who also offers follow up support should you need it after the workshop. Lots of useful advice given as well as recipes and meal planners. Most importantly, Catherine makes it clear that how, when or what you decide to feed your baby is entirely up to you. She just gives you all the information so you can feel confident with your choices.

Donna Rye


After attending an extremely useful weaning workshop with Catherine when my daughter was 4 months old, Catherine was the first person I turned to a year later when my daughter was diagnosed with multiple allergies and I had no idea what to feed her. Catherine helped me to understand the 'gaps' in my daughter's diet after removing diary, soya and tomatoes and more importantly, the alternatives I could feed her to ensure she was still getting everything she needed. A side-effect of the allergies was that my daughter was very reluctant to try anything new so Catherine taught me techniques to encourage her to try different foods, provided me with fantastic recipe cards and also helped me to understand portion sizes. Catherine is personable and supportive and I felt extremely comfortable asking the 'silly' questions. Using Catherine's techniques, I managed to get my daughter to eat sardines on toast which I think speaks for itself really!

Louise Thompson


I attended a small group workshop with Catherine and learnt so much about weaning! I had very little knowledge beforehand. It also gave me the confidence to start weaning my daughter, and a very good framework, which I have customised to my needs, but which gave me a fantastic starting point. The follow-up care is really good as well. I had several questions a couple of weeks into the weaning process and Catherine took the time to answer them and reassure me. Very highly recommended!

Nicola Jones


Posting the following review on behalf of Olivia Streatfeild who doesn't have a Facebook account..... "My daughter & I went to one of Catherine's weaning workshops just before I started to wean my daughter. I had a very basic understanding before the workshop so went to it as i wanted to learn more. I found the workshop to be extremely helpful & i definitely came away with the confidence & knowledge i was looking for! Catherine was very welcoming, friendly & extremely knowledgable. The workshop lasted about two hours & we went through all stages of weaning as well as recipe suggestions. It was a very open discussion & anyone could ask a question at any stage which was great. Since the workshop I have emailed Catherine with a few problems I have had & have also had a telephone conversation with her & she couldn't have been nicer (she even called me while she was on holiday!) & came up with some great suggestions to overcome the problems I was going through. I would definitely recommend Catherine's weaning workshop." Olivia mum to Alice

Rachael Cooper


I attended a group workshop about weaning at a friend's home. Catherine is knowledgeable and the time was really well spent. Only two weeks into weaning my little boy Catherine's advice has enabled me to be confident and excited about the next phase of feeding. Would recommend her to all mums of five month olds.