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Styled By Susie, Edenbridge

TN8 6HD, 07970313823

9 Reviews


I graduated with an Honours diploma from the Style Coaching Institute in 2011.

I am a friendly, approachable, affordable personal stylist, specialising in body shape and colour analysis, wardrobe decluttering and personal shopping.

I aim to show off your best assets, with different necklines, accessories, colour and makeup. It's so simple but so effective.

I am a Mum myself and I am sensitive to the changes we undergo when we have children. Our body shape changes, we have less time and potentially less money to spend on ourselves. This combination usually leads to a dip in self confidence.

Being styled by Susie will give you confidence - INSTANTLY. It will make shopping a pleasurable and enjoyable experience.

I believe that you don't have to spend a fortune on clothes to look good. Most of my own clothes are from New Look, Primark and even Sainsburys!

So if you want to look, and more importantly, FEEL stylish and self confident, then drop me a message.

9 Reviews

member since 23.07.2014

Nicola Burnett


After having my baby last October, I felt as though I had nothing to wear and nothing suited me. I found Susie on Facebook and after reading many testimonials, thought I'd take the plunge! I'm so glad I did! Susie is incredibly friendly and knowledgable. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process (body shape analysis, colour analysis and wardrobe declutter), despite being very nervous beforehand. As other reviewers have said, I didn't feel pressured to get rid of anything. I have really enjoyed shopping with my new found confidence and knowledge and actually enjoy deciding what to wear each day. Everyone should be 'Styled by Susie'!

Hilary Lovell


Met Susie at Bluewater yesterday, I was a bit apprehensive as I was sitting waiting for her to arrive as I am not a fan of shopping at the best of times! She was instantly friendly and approachable. The three hours we spent walking around shops flew by and after only recking one changing room I have several outfits suitable for work and my upcoming holiday! I have never enjoyed shopping or spending money so much!!! I highly recommend Susie for all your style needs, she defiantly sorted me out!!!!

Agnieszka Dewberry


When I first read about Susie I thought it is a bit boastful to call yourself 'the friendliest person ever' but she really is! She is instantly approachable, understanding and tolerant as well as warm, confident and funny. She knows her stuff very well but at the same time is very gentle and kind in expressing her opinions. It never felt forced or untrue and it made me feel at ease the whole time. The styling session and wardrobe de-clutter were revelations and I had to change quite a bit but Susie has never tried to change my personal style just highlighted the best bits. Now I am my old self just nicely styled. Styled by Susie!

Beth Silcox


Susie is such an Amazing stylist, kind, friendly and so knowledgeable. In my first session with Susie she immediately put me at ease as we discussed my shape and colours. Since my first session i have also had a wardrobe declutter, done an online shop together and a party! As a busy working mum of 4 I had completely lost my confidence but Susie gave me all that confidence back in one session with her and I can now go to my wardrobe and quickly get dressed, knowing that everything I have suits me. Susie is just fabulous x

Sally Ann White


Susie came to my house and styled my lovely friends and me this Monday. She was both professional & friendly, making us all feel relaxed, whilst giving us detailed, individual advice and easy to follow tips for colours, styles & accessories which we've all gone away and fully embraced. Even my husband popped in for a quick colour analysis! Thank you Susie, I'm really looking forward to shopping for some much needed accessories to complement my 'autumn hourglass' figure!

Carolyn Sands


I can honestly say (without sounding too dramatic) that Susie's wardrobe declutter revolutionised the way I dress everyday and gave me a much needed confidence boost. I used to dread opening the wardrobe each morning, having just had my second baby and being a size 16. I now find the whole experience of dressing easy, quick and enjoyable as I know the colours, styles and accessories that work for me and my shape. Her simple rules have made shopping a pleasure once more now that I'm armed with a few golden rules and my little colour card. I have actually been stopped in the street and complimented since I took on her advice (something that had never happened before!). Thank you so much Susie!

Jill Tisdall


Having met Susie last year she was recruited to help with style choices for my sister's wedding last weekend. We were delighted with the help and advice she gave us leading up to the big day making the planning and purchasing so much more fun when we knew what to look for. Both the bride and guests looked fantastic. She has made a great difference to our fashion choices and shopping is definitely much easier now, don't leave home without the colour swatches! Can't wait to catch up on Sunday when Susie is back again to help my daughter and her friend.

Alex Mars


I had my first styling session with Susie just a few days ago - it was brilliant! We had a group styling session with a few friends, but we each had our own individual time with Susie. It was very good value for money. She is extremely friendly, chatty and approachable. Her advice and suggestions are very helpful - I'm looking forward to following this advice and using it as an excuse for a shopping trip soon! A friend of mine has booked Susie in the past for a wardrobe declutter, which I know she found very helpful. I would recommend Styled by Susie to anyone!

Louise Jordan


I used Susie a few months back (after having my children) and she is just the nicest person. I could not have asked for better value and the advice and tips she gave me have honestly changed my day to day life. I am more confident and feel like I have got the old me back. She is non judgemental , approachable and just so willing to help. I was so surprised with how much I got for my money and the wardrobe declutter left me feeling much more organised and in control. Since my initial appointment I have also booked a shopping trip with her and an internet shop. I would absolutely recommend styled by susie to anyone.